Graduate Residency Alumni: Lydia Brockless


Artist Bio:

Lydia Brockless (b. 1991, High Wycombe) graduated from Leeds College of Art in 2014. She was recently selected for Every Day is a New Day traineeship at Turner Contemporary, Margate, 2017. 

Since graduating she has exhibited around London, as well as in Leeds, Nottingham, Hastings, Oxford, and Minneapolis, USA. She was awarded The Art House Graduate Residency in Wakefield in 2014. 

Her work includes the use of textiles and craft processes, cleaning products and building materials, together with more traditional modes of production. These act as a mouthpiece for an evolving narrative structure and are utilised to highlight antagonisms and contradictions within it.


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Photo of artist Lydia Brockless

Residency Year: 2014