Lizzie Hughes: Solo Residency May 2016


We are excited to welcome Lizzie Hughes as our next artist in resident, part of the Solo Residency Programme 2016/17.

Lizzie was selected from 380 applicants to take up the second residency in the programme. Aaron Williamson took the first slot in March. Find out more about how he spent his time with us HERE

Lizzie intends to use the residency to begin researching and producing an ambitious new work that will look to extensively document the civic war memorials that exist in every sizable village, town and city in this country and worldwide. Bearing in mind that many of these structures have now either past or are approaching their centenary the artist is interested in considering the fragile nature of materials alongside the fragile nature of memory. To address these thoughts she intends to make ‘Museum’ a work that will examine the staggering array of formalised structures that all have the same specific sculptural concern. The work is hoped to provide a singular holding place for all structures that pertain to commemorate those who have died as a result of war.  In short the work will be a ‘museum’ to commemorate the commemorated.

Lizzie said 'It’s an honour to have been chosen for the residency at The Art House and all the more so given that there was such a huge response to the opportunity. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone at The Art House, exploring Wakefield and most of all spending time working in the studio.

I hope the residency will enable me to re-establish a healthy working methodology, thoroughly interrogate my ideas and provide a platform for in depth critical discussion with the other artists. It’s going to be an exciting and busy month.'

Keep updated on the artist's progress via our blog HERE

Image: Lizzie Hughes 4007 Horizons