We welcome new Recent Graduate Artists for thier December Residency


Recent Graduate Artists, Lydia Brockless (LCAD), Julia Kiely (University of Derby) and Corey Whyte (University of Staffordshire) were invited to undertake a three week residency at The Art House during December.

Open Studio Event - 5 - 6.30pm, Tuesday 9 December
Please join us for a Christmas drink, and a chance to meet the artists and take a look at what they've up to so far.


Lydia Brockless - Leeds College of Art and Design 

My work stems largely from my interests in material relationships, the language
of form and my own personal experiences. 

My intentions lie within a need to convey my thoughts about myself and the world around me, paired with an insatiable need to make things. Craft processes feature broadly in my work, both as a nod to my family heritage of skilled textile crafts and design, but also as a demonstration of a hypnotic and meditative repeated action which mirrors a never-ending stream of consciousness and manual production. Fidgeting, both physical and mental.

Whilst on residency at The Art House, I am hoping to gain insight into the local
area’s history, in particular its connections to the textile industry and the
production of ‘shoddy’, recycled yarn made from ground-up rags.

Julia Kiely - University of Derby 

My practice is a personal response to a wide range of research delving into the cultural geography and industrial heritage of the Peak District, where copper and lead mines spill their spoil down the hollow hillsides and tunnels, shafts and soughs, form a subterranean strata

My intention at the Art House residency is to continue with my inquiry, using the National Coal Mining Museum as a starting point for further research into the earth’s geological structure and the Yorkshire landscape. I want to experiment with plaster and paint to develop new work in abstract relief,  based on  findings, and the opportunity  to work on these new ideas, for the duration of the residency,  is very exciting.