Recent Graduate Artists arrive for November Residency


We are excited to introduce our next group of Recent Graduate Artists, who will be in residence at The Art House from 3 to 28 November 2014.  

The artists will be showing thier work as part of the next Wakefield Artwalk, from 5 -9pm on Wednesday 26 November.

Follow our Residency Blog to stay up to date with thier progress during November.


Christine Stevens, Nottingham Trent University 

"I am interested in the labour of making, particularly using archaic skills which are being lost from use, in the earnestness of doing my best to make things as they should be. Despite the inevitability of failure and imperfection in these processes, something else comes into being which has its own integrity and intrinsic interest."

Further details about Christine can be found at 

Tina Mirsharifi, Derby University

"I think of my work as highly personal and yet I like to believe that it conveys themes of broad ranging existential relevance, ranging through matters of self-identity, self-portraiture, psychological alienation and isolation. My personal experiences in life and Existentialism have been the two major influences on my works so far. Jean Paul Sartre believed that only man should be creating meaning for himself in order to be “authentic”, despite all the external pressures from societal forces, and that is what I have been trying to depict in my performances and videos."

Find out more about Tina's previous projects at

Kirstie Gould, Nottingham Trent University

"Pulled between a fascination with the found, and an innate urge to 'make', my
practice is founded on the process of Thinking through Making. It is invested in
gaining a deeper understanding of the world we live in through consideration,
intimacy and interaction with Objects.

Objects that are incomplete, un-finished or broken can keep us engaged by an
obscurity and a host of potential uses/stories/histories that offer an opportunity
for consideration these 'things' rarely under-go. Where these objects truly exist,
is in the minds and conversations of their audience, individually bringing their
own experiences as new contexts for the 'things' to exist in. the go through a
sort of translation, from being the disregarded to the engaging."

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