Book your place in Wakefield’s history – and support The Art House’s future


A perfect Christmas gift, a lasting tribute and a unique opportunity. Make a donation of £50 or more and see your name on the Supporters’ Bookcase.

The refurbishment of Wakefield’s much-loved Grade II Listed Drury Lane Library is now complete. The £3m overhaul has secured the future of the Old Library as a fully accessible centre for the creative industries.

You may not be aware that The Art House is a charity (registered as The Creative Art House, charity no: 1063671). Our small team has already raised the £3m needed to make the project happen.

We are now open to the public and want to make sure we are able to continue to provide high quality facilities, equipment and support to artists in this vitally important resource for Wakefield’s communities. Can we count on your support?

An original oak book case from the Drury Lane Library has been installed in the new reception area as a permanent reminder of the building's previous use and a record of the support received. We’d like to fill the shelves with your names and the titles of your favourite books.

In return for a minimum donation of £50, your name (or that of a friend or loved one) and book will be permanently recorded on the Supporters' Bookcase. 

The bookcase is a truly unique and permanent wall of thanks to those who have supported us and one that we hope will provide a point of interest and inspiration to visitors to The Art House. 

If you have an affection for or affiliation with Wakefield's Drury Lane Library, if you love books, or if you want to help creative talent thrive, make sure your name is one of the first on the Supporters’ Bookcase. 

As a mark of our appreciation, when you make a donation of £50 or more we will send you:

  • A letter of thanks.
  • A Gift Certificate and details on how to submit your name and book title for the Supporters' Bookcase.



Further Information

If you have already received your Gift Certificate, please click HERE