Introducing Graduate Artists in Residence, October 2014


We are pleased to announce our next group of Recent Graduate Artists, who will be in residence at The Art House from 6 to 31 October 2014.  

David Langham, Derby University

David's practice is concerned with the relationship between humanity and its surroundings. Whilst encountering obvious physical environments, he also considers the social and cultural parameters which can also influence a persons experience with a place or situation.

Photography gives him a medium to discuss these issues, where he intends to create works which are simultaneously aesthetically pleasing and intellectually stimulating.

Jade Simpson, Staffordshire University

'Within my practice I like to think I become an amateur natural historian or the curator of a modern day wunderkammer, exploring the human place in nature.'

Jade uses found materials to create fictional artefacts and specimens. The nature of construction in the work reflects that of occurrences in the natural world, adapting to the use of materials found in the immediate environment, and the idea that their sculptural evolution brings upon them an animal like evolution.

Jade's practice also involves performance and video installation, reflecting upon methods used by natural history institutes and the conventional museum, including the way artefacts are collected, prepared and displayed in a sense creating ‘cultured nature’. 

Find out more about the Jade here:


Alex Nicholas, Nottingham Trent University

Currently taking a new direction, Alexander’s work previously looked upon facets of the manufacturing industry and labour intensity. This lead to an intentional labour intensive production of sculptures whilst adhering to a routine. Distancing himself from this, Alexander is taking a new approach within his practice. Hugely influenced by literature, he plans to begin addressing notions of death & eradication as well as certain aspects of psychology. With the intention to take a prolific approach to the creation process, using the medium of paint and print. 

There will be an opportunity to meet the artists and see the work produced during their residency later in the month . Keep up to date with all Art House events and opportunities by signing up to our mailing list HERE

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