Interview with Ali Kazim - Artist in Residence, Sept 2014


Ali Kazim, interviewed by Wil Law, Art House volunteer, Sept 2014

Ali Kazim, an experienced visual artist from Pakistan, currently has a 4-week residency at The Art House. I spoke to Ali, during his second week, about how he’s finding it here and how he’s using the time and studio space.

Why Ali chose The Art House and what he expects from the residency 

For Ali, the residency is a much-needed quiet time. He’s been busy teaching in Pakistan at the National College of Art, Lahore and has a few, pressured gallery deadlines. The Art House has given him a break from this busy routine, offering a completely isolated space where he can fully focus on a new project.

His experience so far

Ali is thoroughly enjoying his time at The Art House so far. He’s made headway with the project he planned to work on, having a specific idea of what he was going to create before he came.

“A four week residency is actually quite short and, if I hadn’t prepared before, it probably wouldn’t be enough time. It usually takes a week to settle, but thankfully I settled here quickly, stuck to my plan and got straight to work”

Ali has been exploring Wakefield, seeking out the art that the city has to offer. He was surprised how much is actually going on, art-wise, in Wakefield, considering that it is not an artistic centre or cultural capital. The Hepworth, and The Sculpture Park in particular are places that he has enjoyed exploring, and looks forward to visiting Leeds and Manchester at some point in the coming weeks.

The total independence that The Art House offers has really suited Ali.

“I’ve established my own routine and have had complete freedom within this”

Ali’s residency started just as graduate residents Sarah, Kornelia and Edward’s time at The Art House was coming to an end. He liked how The Art House offered residencies for artists just starting out and those who, like himself, have been working for years. Having met the graduates, he noticed how much of an impact the residency has had upon them and admires the steps it has in place for nurturing young artistic talent.

“A collaboration between a recent graduate and an experienced artist would be really interesting, and something that the nature of The Art House’s residencies would allow. Perhaps it is something that should be set up”

What’s next?

Ali plans to use the drawings that he is currently creating for a couple of deadlines he has coming up, including an exhibition back home in India and one that he is just finalizing the deadline for in London. The work he is creating will either be the focus of these exhibitions or, at least, will be the base of his showcase. He is also looking forward, as are we, to exhibiting his work at The Art House. When residencies come to end, each artist has the opportunity to present their work. Ali will be doing this on Wednesday 24th of September, during Artwalk.