60 Watt HPC Laser Cutter and Engraver 
(Model Number LS6840)

Laser cutters are amazingly versatile and can fit in with most media and practices. Now the Art House has one which is accessible, affordable and that you can get the right level of technical support for you.

Our HPC Laser Cutter has the capacity to take larger panels for cutting and engraving, a maximum engraving speed of 1600mm per second and a cutting speed of up to 400mm per second. Basically, it's a pretty exciting piece of kit!

You can use the Laser Cutter not just for cutting, but for etching intricate details onto paper, perspex and wood. 

Experienced Laser Cutter Users 
If you have used a Laser Cutter before, simply call and book yourself in for a quick induction, then you can book sessions as and when you need them. We recommend that you bring your files pre-prepared, although we can offer support in converting files where needed (an additional charge is incurred for technical support). We recommend that for cutting you bring your artwork on a memory stick as a Vector (Illustrator) file. For engraving, we recommend a JPEG or BITMAP image file. 

New to the Laser Cutter
If you are new to Laser Cutting, we recommend that you book onto one of our Introduction to Laser Cutting workshops to get to grips with what the machine can do.  Details of the next course can be found HERE

Laser Cutter Prices

Our Laser Cutter is charged for in blocks of 1 hour. This can include use of the machine with the support of a technician. If your artwork needs to be converted before being uploaded to the Laser Cutter, we will charge for the technicians time at the below rates. 

If you are likely to use the Laser Cutter more than a couple of times, we would recommend that you look at our Print Maker Package. For £25 a year you can enjoy discounted access to the Laser Cutter and our Print Studio Facilities. 

  Normal Price  Print Maker Package Price
Laser Cutter Mandatory Induction £15 Free
Self Directed Laser Cutter Activity £25 per hour £12.50 per hour
Laser Cutter Activity with Technician Support £40 per hour £27.50 per hour

"The new laser cutter is a great addition to the facilities at The Art House and is the perfect complement to the Print facilities"
(Aidan Moesby - Art House Member)

Further Information

Laser Cutter FAQs

The Art House Print Maker Package

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