LAST CHANCE TO SEE - 20:20 Print Exchange Exhibition

05.06.2015 to 05.06.2015

Each year, the 20:20 Print Exchange, organised by Hot Bed Press, Salford invites workshops and their printmakers to take part in a Nationwide event. All artists produce an edition of 25 prints, each 20cm x 20cm in size. In return for taking part each artist receives a portfolio of 20 random prints. 

This exhibition is a chance to see of all of the work submitted: over 500 prints in all, from print makers based across the UK.

You are invited to join members The Art House team on Friday 5 June for the last chance to view the 20:20 Print exchange touring exhibition at Fell House and an opportunity to sign up to take part in the 20:20 Print Exchange 2015.

Fri 5 June, 5.30pm - 7.30pm, Fell House, Wakefield

Refreshments will be provided