WORKSHOP Cyanotype Photography with Jim Souper

20.06.2015 to 20.06.2015

10am - 4pm

The cyanotype process was invented by Sir John Herschel in 1842. It uses sunlight, or any UV light source, to produce a photograph with Prussian blue tones.

Following a brief introduction to the history and principles of cyanotype, participants will make photograms and/or prints from photographic negatives. Participants will then be shown how to coat their own paper and use it to make their own images. 

The workshop will provide the opportunity to explore a number of ways to create cyanotype images; by placing objects directly onto the paper (photograms), from photographic negatives and from images printed or drawn on acetate sheets. You will make images using both natural sunlight (weather permitting!) and UV light, using The Art House's exposure unit.

By the end of the workshop participants will have made 3 or 4 small cyanotype images and be able to prepare and process their own cyanotype images at home.

All materials will be provided.

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Price: £45.00