Solar Plate Workshop with Mary Duggan

13.12.2014 to 13.12.2014

Saturday 13 December, 10 - 4pm
Cost: £55

Workshop participants will learn how to create an image that can be transferred to a solar plate.  You will have the opportunity to make at least one solar plate and will have plenty of time to experiment with printing it.  

While it is possible to create an aquatint effect, this workshop will be focusing on using line images which can be used for intaglio or relief, depending on the effect that the printmaker wants to achieve. 

The artwork can be hand-drawn or computer generated. If participants want to use computer generated images, they will need to bring their own laptops and a memory stick.

Mary Duggan has been using solar plates to create intaglio prints of fractal flames that are originally computer-generated.  

Image: Mary Duggan

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Price: £55.00