BELAY Event: Mastering the Art of Conversation: Relationship Marketing Part II

09.12.2014 to 09.12.2014

You know who your customers are, you know where to find them, you even know what you'd like to share with them. But how are you going to do that? What EXACTLY are you going to say? And when is the best time to say it? What words and pictures will you use to tell your story? 

This practical session will include guided exercises to help you draw up a marketing action plan that will help you to stay focussed on what's important for you and your creative business - building and maintaining relationships with your customers. 

This session will be led by Heidi Waddington, Marketing and Communications Manager at The Art House. 

This event is FREE for individuals registered on the BELAY Programme. BELAY artists - to book your space email or call 01924 312 000

FREE to BELAY Mentees
Art House Members - £10
Non Members - £15

Illustrations by Jonh Welding for The Art House. All rights reserved

*This session follows on from "Mastering the Art on Conversation: The Dos and Don't of Relationship Marketing", expanding on some of the ideas discussed in the first workshop. The first session ran on 25 September and will be repeated on 1 December. Please only book onto Part II if you have already attended or booked onto Part I.

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Price: £15.00