BELAY Event: Mastering the Art of Counting - The Really Useful Finance Workshop

20.11.2014 to 20.11.2014

We know that some people (particularly creative people) struggle with the nuts and bolts of managing the finance for their creative business. So we've put together a Finance workshop for non-finance folks. 

This is a must for anyone who feels overwhelmed by numbers, or goes into a mild panic at the mention of finance. It’s not just about cashflow or profit and loss.  It’s about how to work out your hourly rate, your overheads or your business budget.

Good financial management is an essential part of being a sustainable business. This session will help you to gain essential knowledge on what to count, when to do it, and how to manage your creative business better. 

This event is FREE for individuals registered on the BELAY Programme. BELAY artists - to book your space email or call 01924 312 000

FREE to BELAY Mentees
Art House Members - £10
Non Members - £15

Please note - this is a repeat of the session which ran on Friday 5 Septemeber 2014. 

Illustrations by Jonh Welding for The Art House. All rights reserved

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Price: £15.00