BELAY Event: Mastering the Art of World (Wide Web) Domination

02.12.2014 to 02.12.2014

Develop Your Web Presence Further*

The workshop will help you get strategic about how and where you focus your attention online, concentrating on how to drive traffic, make and find compelling content, how and where to drive traffic, and thwo to use sound and image to tell stories.

Using exercises that evaluate what is currently working (and not working) for you online, Katie Brown will guide you through a strategic approach to managing your online presence. This is a chance to consider how you are utilising your existing online networks, looking at ways to include other online platforms and developing a strategy to manage the relationship between the two whilst making sure your message is clear and consistent. 

*This session will focus on how to target specific professional goals by leveraging social media and follows on from "The Art of Digitisation - Developing Your Online Presence", expanding on some of the ideas discussed in that session. As such, we ask that you only those who have attended The Art Of Digitisation book onto this workshop. 

This event is FREE for individuals registered on the BELAY Programme. BELAY artists - to book your space email or call 01924 312 000

FREE to BELAY Mentees
Art House Members - £10
Non Members - £15


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