Creative Laser Cutting for Beginners with Stephen Plumstead

01.11.2014 to 01.11.2014

10am to 4:30pm

This one day course is suited to anyone looking for an introduction into using the Laser Cutter or those seeking to further their artistic practice with new technology and techniques.

Laser Cutting is a manufacturing process that uses a high powered laser to cut materials. Laser cutters can be used for various production methods and can cut a variety materials including acrylic / Perspex / paper / MDF / plywood / fabric. Various digital files can be processed and developed in conjunction with this technology (jpeg / PDF’s / Illustrator files) and we will work through the potential this processing has to offer.

The hands-on course will start with a short introduction to the laser cutter, how it works and how to use it. You will learn how to design and develop a document and cut or etch the design on to a variety of materials including paper, Perspex and plywood.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and the emphasis is on introducing you to the full potential of our Laser Cutter and providing the opportunity to complete a small personal project.

Full course notes and materials provided.

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