BELAY Event: Mastering the Art of Digitisation: Developing Your Online Presence

24.11.2014 to 24.11.2014

Another chance to take part in Mastering the Art of Digitisation: Part 1 (originally took place on Weds 8 Oct)

If you don’t have a website. Or if the website you have isn’t the one you’d like it to be, then this is the workshop is for you.

Katie Brown will lead you through practical exercises to help you get a handle on the Whys, Whens and Hows of planning, managing and developing your online presence from building a website to which social media platforms to use.   

Katie Brown is Digital Mentor for The Art House's BELAY Programme. She has a welath of experience of working with artists and is an experienced trainer and writer in the digital arts.  Her work at the intersection of digital, mental health and social enterprise led her to be nominated by the RSA for their own Fellowship programme in 2014. 

This event is FREE for individuals registered on the BELAY Programme. BELAY artists - to book your space email or call 01924 312 000

FREE to BELAY Mentees
Art House Members - £10
Non Members - £15

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Price: £15.00