20:20 Print Exchange Touring Exhibition

20.09.2018 to 19.10.2018

Exhibition: 20 September - 19 October 2018


The Art House is delighted to be hosting the 20:20 Print Exchange Touring Exhibition during September and October. The 20:20 Print Exchange started in 2009 as a project between Hot Bed Press in Salford and Red Hot Press in Southampton, and has grown each year as other print workshops have been invited to take part. Over 50,000 prints have been created and exchanged since the exchange began.


Each participating artist, from over 40 Print workshops, is asked to produce a new edition of 25 prints on paper size 20cm x 20cm. In return each artist receives a box set of 20 randomly selected prints (including their own print and 19 others).


Each workshop also receives one set of randomly selected prints and one ‘twinned’ set, whereby workshops are randomly matched to another print workshop, each receiving a set of 10 of their own members’ prints and one set of the ‘twinning partner workshop’.


To compliment the exhibition we will be running a series of print workshops to activate the exhibition and inspire new printmakers in the area. For information and updates on this and other exhibitions at The Art House, you can join our mailing list


To find out more about the 20:20 Print Exchange visit: https://www.hotbedpress.org/exhibitions/2020-print-exchange/