30.07.2014 to 09.09.2014

The Art House's annual Members' Open Exhibition, curated by artist, writer and educator Emma Bolland

Featured artists:

Ali Appleby                                Shelley Burgoyne                        Sean Burn
Bob Clayden                             Robert Clarke                             James Cook
Teddi Coutts                             Susan Daniels                              Mary Duggan
Amy Lilley                                   Sophie Littlewood                      Jason Mclarnin
Marion Michell                         Aidan Moesby                             Lois Palframan
Carrie Scott-Huby                   Jim Souper                                   Jane Walker

Featured artists have submitted work in response the theme of DRIFT.

Drift vb. 1. To be carried along by or as if by currents of air or water.

Drift n. 2. A literal translation of the French word dèrive.

A dèrive or drift is an unplanned walk or wander through an urban landscape, during which the walker allows themselves to be surprised by and pay attention to the details and events of the everyday, and whose route is determined by the emotions and curiosities that the city imparts. The streets become the current of air or water upon which the walker is supported and carried along, and the duration of the walk and the streets of the city are the time and space in which the walker has time to notice and to think about the world and their relationship to it in fresh and creative ways. In allowing ones thoughts to drift the unexpected and surprising can enter the mind, and take the thinker, the artist, in directions of which they might not otherwise have thought. Far from being an aimless and unproductive exercise, the drift creates the time and space in which the walker (the artist) can reimagine their relationship to their environment and to their work.

Work will be exhibted at Fell House and The Art House, with additional site-specific installations on the Opening Night on 30 July as part of Wakefield's Artwalk


Further details

Opening Event - Wed 30 July, 5pm - 9pm
Exhibtion Times - The Art House - Thurs 31 July - 9 September, 10am - 4pm

This is a FREE, unticketed event.


Image: PLANKTON FORMS by Sophie Littlewood