Malgortzata Dawidek Gryglicka

28.05.2014 to 11.07.2014

Now Showing

Thursday 29 May - 11 July 2014
The Art House
Open Monday to Friday, 10 - 5pm

Malgorzata's work addresses issues of borders and the possibilities of language, as well as the human body perceived as a “reality text”. The Art House has been the London-based artist's temporary home throughout this month, providing studio space, support and networking opportunities as part of her residency. This opportunity will assist her to develop the first part of a larger work - “The Topography of Intimacy”.

The Topography of Intimacy is a multi-dimensional art installation focused on the physical and emotional aspects of women’s experience, dealing with ageing, disability, sexuality, ethnicity and issues emerging out of exclusion and illness. The result will be a multi-layered, multi-linguistic visual story, told through a 3D labyrinthine book-like structure.

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