Wakefield Industrial and Fine Art, 150 Years - Fraser Muggeridge and Laura Slater Wallpaper Commission

14.10.2015 to 17.12.2015

Exhibition open Tuesday - Thursday, 10am - 4pm

In collaboration with Wakefield Museum, The Art House will be celebrating 150 years since the unveiling of the Wakefield Industrial and Fine Art Exhibition. This exhibition pairs a unique hand-printed wallpaper artwork by artists and designers Laura Slater and Fraser Muggeridge with a selection of items loaned from the collection of Wakefield Museum. 

Although on first inspection an unlikely combination, the installation pays creative homage to the Wakefield Industrial and Fine Art Exhibition of 1865.  One of many such exhibitions held nationally following the Great Exhibition of 1851, this event celebrated the breadth of creativity and invention of Wakefield, bringing together works of art, industrially manufactured items, amateur crafts, raw materials and much more, all loaned by the citizens of Wakefield. This installation is both a 150th anniversary tribute and a creative exploration of what the spirit of original show might mean to a twenty-first century audience.

As The Art House breathes new life into an historic Wakefield building and opens its doors to many new creative individuals, now would seem an appropriate time to look again at what it is that forms a creative community and identity for Wakefield, at what defines someone as an artist or designer and what that means to a wider society. This installation aims to raise some of those questions and remind us that it is up to us to decide.  The commissioned element, in the shape of the wallpaper, takes the typographic form and message of the 1865 poster and by changing that form creates a new message; a message of collaboration; of the importance of process and production to meaning in a digital age; and of individuality in an era of global production. It will remain as a backdrop for some time to the many other activities taking place in our new Project Space.

Find out more about Fraser Muggeridge's work HERE

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We would like to thank Wakefield Museum for their support with the exhibition.

Image credit, Jules Lister