There Are Places.... The Wakefield Effect

29.07.2015 to 29.07.2015

As part of July Artwalk, we invite you to explore with us the Wakefield you know; The Wakefield that could have been; The Wakefield that could still be...  The Wakefield Effect.

4 of our BELAY Artists - Stephen Gouldin, Claire Maw, Mary Duggan and Wil Law have been working together to explore:

What is it to be an artist?

What is the job of it? 

How do artists marry the practical everydayness of business and living alongside a need to create and share ways of seeing with the world? 

This installation is a riff on the the brief “There are Places....” looking at the changing role technologies have taken on our lives and the places we inhabit, designed by Mary Agnes Krell, digital and performative artist. 

Our artists undertook a process of collaboration, working together to interrogate their own and Mary’s ideas and applying the means to share them with you, using a Digital Lab approach - a popular tech and experimental framework in collaborative work.

The result is a projection, sculpture and photography installation in The Art House's Glass Studios - part of our recent Old Library conversion. 

Brought to you by BELAY Digital Lab, Mary Agnes Krell & The Art House.